karen small

bulletStarted skating in Greenfield Park at the age of 6
bulletHighest test competition completed: Senior Competitive
bulletHigh Points of Competitive Career:
bulletNovice ladies - Ranked 1st in Quebec, 2nd in Eastern Canada, 12th in Canada
bulletJunior Ladies - Ranked 2nd in Quebec, 5th in Eastern Canada
bulletSenior Ladies - Ranked 3rd in Quebec, 6th in Eastern Canada
bulletWas a member of the Quebec Team for 6 years
bulletTrained in ballet and off-ice conditioning classes for many years,  Spent two years training in Toronto under the guidance of top Canadian coaches.
bulletStarted coaching in 1985 through 1992.  Returned in 1996
bulletLevel 2 certified coach.
bulletOn the Board of Director of the past two years.
bulletVolunteer coach of the year for CPA Greenfield Park FSC in 1997 and 2000.
bulletBeing a native of Greenfield Park the F.S.C. is my home away from home and has been since the age of 6

Watching the accomplishments of all skaters, whether big or small is what makes my job as a coach so rewarding.  Seeing the smile on the children's faces makes it all worthwhile.

Yours in Sport- Karen  Small

A complete resume is available on request.